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SVN plugin always overwrites --depth parameters


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    • subversion-plugin
    • windows 7, vm ware virtual machine, jenkins running as service.

      As we have a huge SVN repository, a selective svn checkout is done to minimize the checkout and update times during the build.

      First set all subfolders to be excluded:
      svn co http://reposerver/repos/project/trunk source --depth immediates
      svn update --set-depth exclude source\Folder1
      svn update --set-depth exclude source\Folder2
      svn update --set-depth exclude source\Folder3

      Then the needed subfolders are included again:
      svn update --set-depth infinity source\Folder2

      The expected behavior is to update only the included folder on an "svn up".

      The SVN plugin does not allow to update without --depth attribute. Because of this it is not possible to update depending on the workspace settings (which are mixed: immediates and infinity) but only on the possible settings in the SVN plugin (which are: infinity, empty, files, immediates)

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