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The checkstyle plugin assumes java files have UTF-8 encoding


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      The hudson.plugins.check​style.util.JavaPacka​geDetector.detectPac​kageName()
      hard-codes UTF-8 encoding when it creates the LineIterator object.

      This should be amended to at least use the platform default encoding
      (java.nio.charset.Charset.defaultCharset().name()). The ideal solution would be
      for the user to be able to specify the encoding on the Hudson Build
      configuration page.

      I came across this when I ran Hudson with version 1.5 of the IBM JDK on Linux
      (defect 1827). This throws an exception trying to decode UTF-8, even though the
      SUN JDKs work fine. I have verified that there are no invalid UTF-8 code
      sequences in any of our java files.

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