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Unable to create or upload script


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    • scriptler-plugin
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    • token-makro 1.8.1
      git-client 1.1.1
      git-plugin 1.4.0
      git-server 1.1
      scriptler 2.6.1

      Creating or uploading script causes java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.eclipse.jgit.storage.file.FileRepositoryBuilder.build()Lorg/eclipse/jgit/storage/file/FileRepository. The script is not saved.

      Discovered by selenium test suite[1].

      [1] https://jenkins.ci.cloudbees.com/job/selenium-tests/183/consoleFull

      Reproducing features:
      features/scriptler_plugin.feature:7 # Scenario: Run new script
      features/scriptler_plugin.feature:14 # Scenario: Run new parameterized script
      features/scriptler_plugin.feature:23 # Scenario: Delete script
      features/scriptler_plugin.feature:32 # Scenario: Run script on particular slave
      features/scriptler_plugin.feature:41 # Scenario: Run script on master
      features/scriptler_plugin.feature:50 # Scenario: Run script on all nodes
      features/scriptler_plugin.feature:59 # Scenario: Run script on all slaves
      features/scriptler_plugin.feature:70 # Scenario: Create and run parameterized test
      features/scriptler_plugin.feature:83 # Scenario: Override default parameters

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