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Testlink Plugin did not manage to get 2nd execution status


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    • testlink-plugin
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    • Testlink 1.97 with MySQL on windows platform

      1) Execute a test case
      2) Save the test result as failed
      3) Run a build from Jenkin
      4) Build failed
      3) Re-execute the testcase 2nd time, but this time save result as pass
      4) In the test case type to run, select not run, failed, blocked
      5) Plugin did not manage to identify this test case status as pass
      6) Now select only pass test case in the config, this test case will be executed

      1) Run a testcase first in testlink as record results as failed
      2) Then run 2nd time and update results as pass
      3) From Jenkins, run new build
      4) Select only fail,not run, blocked
      5) Jenkin will detect the testcase as pass only if the testcase will never executed before

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