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IvyTrigger reports [ERROR] - Polling error...


      Using Jenkins 1.526 and ivyTrigger 0.30 polling always fails.
      Checking the logs I see nothing.

      Interestingly when enabling debug on the ivyTrigger for that job and disabling it afterwards (while allowing the job to build in-between) seems to solve the issue only on that particular job. When Jenkins is restarted the problem is back.

      Exact output:

      [IvyTrigger] - Poll with an Ivy script

      Polling started on Sep 3, 2013 6:33:48 PM
      Polling for the job XXXXXXXX
      Looking nodes where the poll can be run.
      Looking for the last built on node.

      Polling on master.
      [ERROR] - Polling error...

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