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Git plugin does not support Git 1.8.2 "integrate with the tip of the remote branch" submodule branch tracking feature.


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      Git 1.8.2 introduced tracking of a branch instead of linking to a single commit of a submodule (like subversion externals). Description of the feature:


      To use it when updating submodules -remote parameter should be added:

      git submodule update --remote

      The feature is not currently supported by jenkins git plugin, as far as I know there is no workaround to use it.

      I am thinking about 2 possible solutions:

      1. Add an option to git project settings "Enable remote branch updating on submodule update"

      2. Add a "custom git command line options" field for each internal git step.

      Option 1 will be very specific and might fail on Git versions earlier than 1.8.2, option 2 can be more useful in solving other git plugin limitations. Option 3 would be to implement 1 and 2.

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