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DISPLAY variable is not overwritten when it already exists


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      This is a followup to JENKINS-17127

      For a freestyle project with an "Invoke top-level Maven targets" build step and the Xvfb plugin enabled, the DISPLAY environment variable is not set when it already exists in the environment of the slave.

      To reproduce:

      • create a slave with an existing environment variable: DISPLAY=:99
        eg. by setting this in the .profile of the slave
      • create a freestyle job with the attached config, which basically:
        • contains a pom which outputs the DISPLAY environment variable
        • creates two buildsteps, a shell which executes mvn and a Maven buildstep doing the same.

      I get the correct output (eg. DISPLAY=:1) from the shell build step, and the wrong output (DISPLAY=:99) from the maven buildstep.

      BTW, I also tried a Maven Job, and it works there, too. The only problem exists in a maven buildstep in a freestyle job.

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