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Be able to specify Unity3D path per slave without installation on master


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    • Master running on cloud-based Linux machine
      Dumb slave running on Windows machine via Java Web Start

      The master is being used just to trigger builds which are then run on slaves.
      The slave is configured as a dumb slave.

      I add a Unity3D installation on the master named UNITY_WINDOWS (Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Unity3d) but get an error if I enter the windows path in the installation directory so leave blank.

      I can then go to the slave configuration (Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes -> Select XXX -> Configure -> Tool Locations) and see (Unity3d) UNITY_WINDOWS in the drop down. I can enter the path here (C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe) but this is not used when building.

      In a free-style job I can also select UNITY_WINDOWS in the Unity3d installation name.

      On running, the following error message is displayed:

      FATAL: Executable not found UNITY_WINDOWS
      Build step 'Invoke Unity3d Editor' marked build as failure

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