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Git plugin 2.0 JGit implementation does not publish merge result


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    • Jenkins 1.509.4, Git plugin 2.0, Git client plugin 1.4.6, Debian Linux 7.2 ("Wheezy"), JDK 1.7.0u45 x64

      If I use the jgit implementation in a job which should merge from multiple branches, the merge result is not pushed back to origin. Merge result is pushed if I use the command line implementation in the same job.

      Steps to duplicate the problem (with apologies for the number of steps)

      1. Create a bare git repo on the master node as Jenkins user
        1. rm -rf /tmp/changes.git /tmp/changes
        2. git init --bare /tmp/changes.git
        3. echo "#! /bin/sh" > /tmp/changes.git/hooks/post-receive
        4. echo "curl --silent" >> /tmp/changes.git/hooks/post-receive
        5. chmod a+x /tmp/changes.git/hooks/post-receive
        6. cd /tmp
        7. git clone changes.git
        8. cd changes
        9. echo "Git plugin 2.0 no longer shows changes from merges" > README
        10. git add README
        11. git commit -m "Add README to describe this repository" README
        12. git push origin master
      2. Create a Jenkins merge job using that bare git repo
        1. Create a new free-style software project "merge-changes"
        2. Restrict where this project can be run
          1. Label Expression: master
        3. Git source code management settings
          1. Use jgit rather than default
          2. Repository URL: /tmp/changes.git
          3. Branches to build: */master*
        4. Additional behaviors: Merge before build
          1. Name of repository: origin
            1. (error on merge if this is blank - help says should use default, but didn't)
          2. Branch to merge to: master
        5. Poll SCM (for convenience with the git hook installed earlier)
          1. H * * * *
        6. Add post-build action: Git Publisher
          1. Git Publisher settings
            1. Merge results: Yes
            2. Branches:
              1. Branches to push: master
              2. Target remote name: origin
        7. Save the job
      3. Build Jenkins job
        1. curl --silent
      4. Create new master-add-timestamp branch and commit from it
        1. git checkout -b master-add-timestamp
        2. date >> timestamp
        3. git add timestamp
        4. git commit -m "Add timestamp" timestamp
        5. git push origin master-add-timestamp
      5. Jenkins job runs
      6. Confirm master branch did not receive the merge result
        1. git checkout master
        2. git pull
        3. git log

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