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Git2 plugin and HTTP-authentication fails


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    • In this case: Jenkins 1.536 (Jenkins version doesn't really matter :) running on Linux(CentOS6.4) respectively MacOSX(Mavericks)
      Plugins: git v 2.0, git-client 1.4.6

      When using the git plugin 2.0 and git-client plugin 1.4.6 the connection to a remote git repository via https fails.
      Using a connection URL like https://<user>:<password>@<URL> I receive a "failed to connect" where the connection URL was reduced to https://<user>@<URL> - where of course was clear why it failed: The password wasn't submitted !?

      Reverting to versions 1.5.0 (git) respectively 1.0.7 (git-client) and a Jenkins restart solved it. Keeping one of both plugins on the newer version and only downgrading the other produced another symptom: The GIT was no longer available for configuration in Jenkins. So there's a dependency between both plugins.

      The "million-dollar-question" is: Is this a bug in those plugins? Or or do they simply need to be handled/configured differently. I didn't find any hint on this so far ..

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