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status code 255 error: could not lock config file .git/config: No such file or directory


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    • Scientific Linux 6.3
      Jenkins 1.5.32

      Since the last update of the Git plugin with the new credential feature, an error appeared on the project configuration page.

      "Failed to connect to repository : Command "git config --local credential.helper store --file=\"/tmp/git1652196526881950884.credentials\"" returned status code 255:
      stderr: error: could not lock config file .git/config: No such file or directory"

      I configure the credential with an user authorized to clone and push repository on our platform, and configure project to use it but this error is still present.
      I attach two file to this Issue, the first is the error message on the configuration page. The second is the build log when the credential feature is up.

      Before this version, we used .netrc file to set credentials for clone/fetch repository with git on jenkins(This feature still workingfor now).

      However, this feature of credential gestion by jenkins is very interesting for us.

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