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Gitweb URL can be mangled (if it doesn't contain a path?)


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      With git plugin at b2a731e62272c93a60f7f45d9d3c5d3b1e57fa11 (so that repository browser URLs are saved) then the URL to our repository https://gerrit.company.local/gitweb?p=repo.git gets mangled to https://gerrit.company.local/gitweb/?p=repo.git. Note the extra slash after gitweb.

      I believe this is introduced by the call to normalizeToEndWithSlash() which was done for some repository types prior to https://github.com/jenkinsci/git-plugin/commit/7abfafcf58addbce2c268dbfed1910a90d4fe2a3 but is now done for all repository types in GitRepositoryBrowser. This is wrong for our particular usage. I'm happy to create a patch to fix this for all repo types that didn't formerly do this if some knows that this is the right way forward.

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