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Delivery Pipeline view renders a blank page when set as the default system view in Jenkins


      The Delivery Pipeline view renders a blank page when configured as the default system view.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. As a Jenkins admin, install version 0.8.0 or earlier of the Delivery Pipeline plugin in Jenkins
      2. Create a new pipeline view by navigating to /newView in Jenkins, selecting "Build Pipeline View", assigning a name, and clicking "Ok"
      3. In the newly created view from #2, click the "Edit View" sidebar link to add one or more jobs to the pipeline view. Click Ok to save the changes to the pipeline view.
      4. Click the "Manage Jenkins" sidebar link, and click the "Configure System" link.
      5. Change the default view to the pipeline view created in step #2. Click Ok to save.
      6. Navigate to the Jenkins default view by clicking the Jenkins logo in the upper left hand header region of the screen

      Expected Result
      The default view in Jenkins should render the same way as the result of step #3

      Actual Result
      The default view is blank.

      The pipeline view is still available and functioning properly by navigating to the /view/All URL.

      The XHR calls to the delivery pipeline view api do not work when the view is the default view; this is due to the use of 'api/json' as the api url. The root level http://server/[JenkinsRootUrl]/api/json URL is reserved for the JSON API for jobs entities.

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