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'View selected script option' in build configuration displays wrong scriptler script


      When a project configuration contains a Dynamic Parameter (Scriptler) parameter and uses one or more Scriptler script build steps the 'View Selected Script' link displayed in the build steps, link to the wrong script. It appears that the script displayed is the previous one used in the configuration sequence. Since the Dynamic Parameter (Scriptler) does not have a 'View selected script' option (which it should have!) we are dealing with a 'one-off' type of error due to the introduction of a Dynamic Parameter Scriptlet whose link is not tracked.

      To clarify here is an example configuration file
      --Dynamic Parameter (Scriptler)
      ----uses Script_A

      --Scriptler Script: Step 1
      ----Uses Script_B
      ------'View' links to Script_A (instead of Script_B)

      --Scriptler Script: Step 2
      ----Uses Script_C
      ------'View' links to Script_B (instead of Script_C)

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