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Double-counting of health reports from child folders


      Folder.getBuildHealthReports looks like it is double-counting each child Folder. It does a recursive traversal of the folder, applying FolderHealthMetric.Reporter to each node (leaf or not). But a typical FolderHealthMetric like WorstChildHealthMetric also calls getHealthReport on the child Folder, which winds up calling Folder.getBuildHealthReports recursively! This seems like a mistake.

      Possible fixes:

      • Make WorstChildHealthMetric.ReporterImpl.observe (and any other similar impls) ignore a Folder it is given.
      • Make Folder.getBuildHealthReports not ask a reporter to observe a Folder.
      • Make Folder.getBuildHealthReports not do a recursive traversal, only asking about direct children.

      My preference is for the third fix, as it leaves the reporter in control of the logic; if it needs a recursive call it can do one.

      By the way, the awkward reflection code in getHealthReport suggests that we need an interface in Jenkins core, such as

      interface ItemWithHealthReport extends Item {
          HealthReport getBuildHealth();
          List<HealthReport> getBuildHealthReports();

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