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http clone of git usercontent folder fails with some git versions, even though ssh clone works


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    • git-usercontent-plugin
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    • git-usercontent-plugin 1.4
      git-plugin 2.2.7
      git-client-plugin 1.11.1
      Jenkins 1.580.1
      Debian Jessie (git
      Windows 7 (msysgit 1.9.4)
      CentOS 7 (git

      The git-usercontent plugin reports an error when I try to clone the repository outside Jenkins using git command line to clone through the http URL (for example http://mark-pc1:45089/.

      The following ssh based clone works in all my tests:

      git clone ssh://mark-pc1:49438/userContent.git

      The following http based clone fails (on the specified git versions):

      git clone http://mark-pc1:8080/userContent.git

      The http based clone succeeds on Debian Wheezy (git

      The http based clone fails on Debian Jessie (git, Ubuntu 14.04 (git 1.9.1), and CentOS 7 (git

      The command line git error message in the failure is:

      mwaite@mark-pc1:~$ git clone http://mark-pc1:8080/userContent.git
      Cloning into 'userContent'...
      fatal: http://mark-pc1:8080/userContent.git/info/refs not valid: is this a git repository?

      The work around is to use ssh to clone the repository instead of http.

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