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Default repository name (origin) must work with git scm and multi SCMs git (our case 12285)


      JENKINS-24754 implemented support for Multi SCMs plugin, but still working with git, and support for using several git repositories with the normal git plugin.

      Repositories are default named `origin`, `origin1` ....

      and the pretested plugin needs configuration for integration branch (eg. `master`) and a named repository (eg. `origin`).

      Default configuration is `master` and `origin`, thus using several git repositories and forgetting to chose names should work. It will just asume it is the first repository (which the git plugin names `origin` by default).

      This is to not break all builds upon updating to next release (that is soon to be).
      The choice is also made, as it is the current situation.

            bue Bue Petersen
            bue Bue Petersen
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