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Use svn switch where applicable


      When updating the 'stable' builds of our projects, I update the repository URL
      from svn://aaa/project/branches/182 to svn://aaa/project/branches/183 ( for
      instance ).

      This results in a clean checkout ( Checking out a fresh workspace because the
      workspace is not svn://aaa/project/branches/183 ), which takes somewhere around
      30 minutes, when a svn switch would've taken a few seconds.

      What I suggest is a (perhaps per job configurable) setting which would use svn
      switch if all but the last


      path elements are the same.

      For instance, a setting of 1 would allow switch to be used for

      svn://aaa/project/branches/183 -> svn://aaa/project/branches/184

      but not for

      svn://aaa/project/branches/183 -> svn://aaa/project/trunk

      A setting of 2 would allow switch to be used for both.

      A setting of 0 would disallow the usage of svn switch.

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