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User Permissions Wiped After Jenkins Restart



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      See here also: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27131560/jenkins-user-permissions-wiped-on-restart

      Essentially I can set up security and it works, but after a restart all permissions are wiped:

      1. Downloaded Redhat rpm from Jenkings main site (jenkins-1.590-1.1.noarch.rpm) and installed directly onto server

      2. Jobs can be set up and work fine

      3. Enabled jenkins own DB authentication with matrix permissions

      4. Add myself a user ID and assign full permissions, allowing anonymous 'overall read' (NOTE I have done this with and without setting this anonymous permission and the result is the same)

      5. Save

      6. Restart jenkins

      7. Create an account to link the ID added in #4

      8. All seems fine, permissions are in place and I can do everything I want to

      9. can log out and back in without problem

      10. Restart jenkins

      11. Log back into the account

      12. All permissions are gone and I can't access the system.

      13. If I try to hit a secure page directly I get the message "t143ahe is missing the Overall/Administer permission"

      14. This will happen with all users if I have added more than one.

      The same happens with project based matrix authentication.

      To get get back into Jenkins I have to disable security by deleting config.xml and deleting user folders from the users directory.

      Rightly or wrongly I've marked this as a Blocker as I can't set up CI in my company without this security in place (can't have Joe Bloggs kicking off a production build).




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