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Exclude view name from links and/or add fields for links with without view name


      Currently links contain always the full path for the selected job, i.e. when a job is listed as part of view the link contains the view name. Nonetheless there are use cases where the view name is changed (i.e reorganization of view) but the job name stays. In order to not have broken links in your Wikis, etc. it would be good to have the URL pointing always to the job name without the view name in the path even if the job is currently listed in a view.

      Two options I see:

      • Change the URL of the current implementation so that URL is always using only the job name (without the view name). This is changing the current behaviour.
      • Add additional fields in the badge containing the direct URL without the view name.

      Any preferences?

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            christiangalsterer Christian Galsterer
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