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When specifying the branch to poll as part of a parameterized build, git-plugin uses last polled branch instead


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    • jenkins 1.598
      git-plugin 2.3.1
      ubuntu linux 12.04.5 LTS

      When configuring a project to use git-plugin to poll SCM for changes and using a parameterized build to specify a branch, git-plugin polls the last polled branch instead of the default parameter specified.

      1. on any job using a git repository, add a string parameter to represent the branch or tag, say 'deploy_tag', with a default value of 'testing'
      2. configure the git repository, replace 'Branch Specifier' with ${deploy_tag}
      3. enable 'Poll SCM' and set time period to H/5 * * * *
      4. save configuration
      5. deploy application / service using the master branch
      6. watch git polling log for polling results

      Expected behavior:
      The polling log would show that the deploy_tag branch was polled.

      Actual behavior:
      The polling log will indicate that the master branch was polled.

      Use case:
      I have a client where branches are used to deploy different code to different environments. This allows a developer to deploy code to an environment by merging changes to a specific branch. I would like to be able to always deploy branch X to development automatically while allowing manual deployments to other environments without causing the default deploy scenario to fail. Right now, I have to ensure that I run a manual deploy to development after any manual deploy to staging, production, etc.. or the development build will not trigger a change until the next master commit.

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