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Jabber plugin fails to establish legacy SSL connection, when the Jabber server does not respond on plain communication


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    • jabber-plugin
    • Jenkins 1.611, instant-messaging plugin 1.34, japper-plugin 1.34

      We're migrating to Jenkins from Hudson. On Hudson we ran with version 22 of the Jabber plugin. Now, with the migration to Jenkins, we cannot connect to our corporate Jabber server anymore that requires legacy SSL enabled. With a plain connection, our Jabber server is not responding at all. Thus smack throws a org.jivesoftware.smack.SmackException$NoResponseException.

      As the exception handler in hudson.plugins.jabber.im.transport.JabberIMConnection.createConnection doesn't set retryWithLegacySSL to true, there won't be an attempt to connect via legacy SSL, leading to a complete failure of the plugin for us.

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