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cvs-tag will always tag the latest version on a branch


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      Now that the -r/-D conflict has been solved (see issues #2611 and #2337),
      there's still a problem left when tagging a branch.

      Cvs-tag uses the "rtag" command instead of "tag" for performance reasons, so
      there's no matching processed against the local working copy of Hudson. To make
      sure the right version of a file gets the tag (i.e. the one used for the build),
      a timestamp is given using the -D option. Unfortunately, this option conflicts
      with -r (stating a branch), so you can either tag a specific HEAD version or the
      latest version on a branch.

      Trouble occurs when working on a branch. While tagging the latest version might
      be acceptable for nightly build jobs, a build job started during working hours
      can incorrectly tag a version which has been commited to CVS right after
      Hudson's check-out. The only way to avoid this problem is to use the "tag"
      command, thus reducing speed but giving CVS the chance to analyze which file
      versions to tag.

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