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Endless authentication to SVN when invalid user/password


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      I found this in hudson 235 and it is still in hudson 277.

      How to recreate it:

      • Create project with SVN Repository (http protocol and user/name
      • Tick Poll SCM for emaple to '* * * * *'
      • After a few minutes change the password of the SVN user you used in
        authentication (Do it in your SVN environment, NOT in hudson - hudson will not
        know anything about password 'expiration')
        Observed results:
        Polling will start endless authentication tries... (about 5-10 requests per
        Expected results:
        After one or two attempts poll should stop trying to authenticate

      The problem is in method
      SubversionSCM.SVNAuthenticationProviderImpl.requestClientAuthentication(...) {
      It always returns credentials (invalid), however, it should return it only once
      (at the first attempt to authentication). Other words should be aware of input
      parameters: SVNErrorMessage errorMessage, SVNAuthentication previousAuth

      Witold Delekta

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