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UCM 0.8.2: cannot build windows slave matrix if master is unix and vice versa


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      Using plugin 0.8.2-snapshot and hudson 1.278
      master: solaris 10
      slave: windows xp

      Configure a matrix build to run on the slave using write a windows style stream
      selector for the stream e.g. shared_development_2_0_4@\UCM_project

      Before hudson will try to start the matrix configurations on the slave, it will
      first perform a checkout on the master workspace.

      This does not work since the stream selector is written in windows style and not
      in unix style.(where I would need to write the selector as

      Two possible fixes:

      • hudson stops doing the extra master checkout. This solves the current case,
        but cross platform matrix builds still wont work
      • clearcase pluing understands the os type and adjust the selector accordingly

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