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Snippet Generator: missing attribute names in single-entry forms


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    • workflow 1.4..1.8

      Using the snippet generator for the HTML publisher, the generated code, yields an exception:

      hudson.AbortException: Cannot publish the report. Target is not specified
      	at htmlpublisher.workflow.PublishHTMLStepExecution.run(PublishHTMLStepExecution.java:64)
      	at htmlpublisher.workflow.PublishHTMLStepExecution.run(PublishHTMLStepExecution.java:43)
      	at org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.steps.AbstractSynchronousStepExecution.start(AbstractSynchronousStepExecution.java:40)

      Follow-up to https://github.com/jenkinsci/htmlpublisher-plugin/pull/15/files#r35805641 ...I suspect a bug in workflow, but probably it has been fixed.

      When a form/class contains only one entry, Snippet Generator provides a code without an attribute name :

      publishHtml([reportName : "", ...])

      After that the flow execution calls a constructor with null, because a target is missing. The right call is:

      publishHtml(target: [reportName : "", ...])```

      Has this bug been fixed in newer workflow versions? I suspect the answer is "no", but probably I'm doing something wrong in the code

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