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A "critical" subset of FindBugs warnings to fail a build


      Could you consider to adding this feature to the FindBugs Hudson plugin?

      We would want to be able to do the following on each buld, from Hudson:

      1. Perform a FindBugs analysis with little or no filtering to get the general
      warning statistics (for presentation in Hudson via your plugin)

      2. Filter these warnings through 1 include and 1 exclude FindBugs filter files
      to get the warnings that we think are "critical" in a separate file.

      3. Set you plugin up so that it would fail the build (not just mark it unstable)
      on a certain number of "critical" warnings (i.e., those passing the filters in
      Step 2).

      4. See the results, obtained in Step 1 the normal - beautiful - way.

      We don't know if you are using FindBugs itself to parse/analyze the result
      files. Depending on this, you could either do Step 2 inside the plugin (the user
      specifying the include and exclude filter files), or the user can use the
      FindBugs filterBugs Ant task, and specify the filtered "critical" file in your
      plugin UI.

      Step 3 is the new functionality that only your plugin can provide.

      We would be very happy to have this functionality available, and it might
      benefit other users too.

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