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Symlinks still not supported on unix with JGit 3.7.1


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    • Ubuntu 12.04
      Java 1.7
      Jenkins 1.628
      git-client-plugin 1.19.0 (JGit
      git-plugin 2.4.0

      Configuring Jenkins to use JGit, cloning a git repo containing symlinks leads to a clone where symlinks are replaced by files. The created clone config file contains the following:

          symlinks = false

      According to what I read in this JGit issue, I thought the issue would have been solved by meeting the following conditions:

      • running Jenkins on java 7
      • Using JGit>3.7.0, i.e. using git-client-plugin>=1.18.0

      It seems I was wrong, but I don't know where to look now.

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