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UCM build fails when using multiple vobs


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      When gathering changes using lshistory, the build fails if the specified stream
      does not exist. This happens if the stream is new and no changes has been made.
      What is worse, however, is that it also requires that changes has been made in
      that particular stream for all vobs listed in the load rules. In our setup we
      use a specific vob for external dependencies such as boost or some other third
      party library. Changes to this vob are not very frequent, so it typically does
      not contain tags for all streams using it.

      Patching UcmChangeLogAction.getChanges as follows solves the issue for me. This
      version will return ok successful in at least one view path (perhaps it always
      should return ok, so that it works for newly created streams?). Note, the patch
      also contain code for my reported issue 3096.

      public List<UcmActivity> getChanges(Date time, String viewName, String[]
      branchNames, String[] viewPaths) th
      rows IOException, InterruptedException {
      // TH: Patched since this command must allow paths that do not contain
      // the specified branch name (happens, for instance, if changes has
      // been made only in one of several vobs
      List<UcmActivity> history = new ArrayList<UcmActivity>();
      boolean ok = false;
      IOException exception = null;
      for(String path : viewPaths) {
      try {
      // TH: Added the view name as part of the path (as the current
      // is the workspace root and the view will be checked out in a
      // directory with the name of the view)
      String fullpath = viewName + File.separator + path;
      BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(
      cleartool.lshistory(historyHandler.getFormat() + COMMENT
      + LINEEND, time, viewName, bran
      new String[]


      ok = true; // At least one path was successful
      } catch(IOException e)

      { exception = e; }

      if(ok || exception == null)

      { return history; }


      { // No path was successful, throwing the last one throw exception; }


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