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When using the scriptler plugin the server is responding very slow


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    • scriptler-plugin
    • Jenkins ver. 1.627
      java version "1.7.0_65"
      Jenkins starts as init.d service(default)

      When using the scriptler plugin with my Jenkins instance each time I'm trying to interact with jobs that uses this plugin I'm seeing a very slow response time from the server(sometimes up to 40 sec. to load a page).
      When accessing views which do not include those jobs everything working smooth.
      I tried to delete the plugin and then I see a very fast response, but again if I'll install it on the instance the response is very low.

      I tried to use active choice plugin(he also requires scriptler) and dynamic parameter plugin and see the same behavior. I also tried to run the scripts locally and saw the same thing.

            domi Dominik Bartholdi
            voolkanus Amir Sinay
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