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Ability to disable Pipeline durability and "resume" build.


    • Blue Ocean 1.4 - beta 2, Pipeline - December

      Having some state being generated at the each node during execution, resuming builds after jenkins restarts or nodes reboots are just not feasible sometimes and can result in infinite hangs in some cases.  Also, providing durability results in extensive writes to disk that can bring performance crashing down. 

      It would be great to be able to specify that jobs don't resume upon interruptions, but rather just fail. This would increase the robustness of the system ideally, since upon nodes restarting, they quickly pick up jobs that tries to resume and hangs exhausting all available executors quickly.

      Implementation notes:

      • Requires a new OptionalJobProperty on the job,¬†optionally a new BranchProperty in workflow-multibranch-plugin that echoes that same property
      • Needs some way to signal to storage (workflow-support) and execution (workflow-cps) that the pipeline is running with resume OFF to hint that they can use faster nondurable execution.

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