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Item Categories should not be shipped from /categories


      It is the follow-up to our discussion with recena and jglick.

      The current Item categorization uses JENKINS_URL/categories endpoint to provide the list of categories.

      It causes several concerns:

      • Categories apply to items only, but the "/categories" endpoint does not mention it in paths. Once we want to implement slave categories, it may become a problem
      • The endpoint may conflict with existing closed-source plugins. E.g. I had the Categorization plugin at one of my previous companies, which used the similar endpoint. Update to 2.0 will cause regressions in such plugins
      • The implementation is not pluggable. E.g. Views and Items cannot filter the categories somehow

      Proposed solution:

      • Ship categories via VIEW_URL/itemCategories
      • Allow overriding of the method in views. Just for the future pluggability

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