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ClearCase views not getting deleted when job is renamed or deleted


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      The call to cleartool rmview that is invoked when the onDeleted listener method
      runs seems to be using the wrong directory for the workspace argument of the
      cleartool launcher it creates - it's passing
      project.getWorkspace().getParent().getParent(), which ends up being
      [hudson_root]/jobs on the master and [remote_fs_root]/workspace on slaves. The
      call to rmview is "cleartool rmview -force [view_tag]" - but [view_tag] is
      actually in [hudson_root]/jobs/[job_name]/workspace on the master, or
      [remote_fs_root]/workspace/[job_name] on slaves. Therefore, the call to rmview

      This can probably be fixed by getting rid of the getParent().getParent() on the
      workspace argument to the cleartool launcher creation in onDeleted, but I'm
      seeing some strange things in the logs, with a bunch of rmview attempts for view
      tags which shouldn't have had onDeleted calls against them. I think they may be
      a result of creating new jobs with the copy-from-another-job option, but I need
      to test it more thoroughly.

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