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Pipeline: GitHub webhook received but nothing happens


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    • Jenkins 2.3
      Github Plugin 1.19.1
      Git Plugin 2.4.4

      I apologize if this is something known that I've overlooked.

      I've created a small pipeline project in Jenkins to manage Github pushes against some of my enabled repositories. These jobs were brand new, typed as Pipeline jobs (not multibranch - I haven't got the buy-in from my developers to add Jenkinsfiles yet). I have Jenkins configured to automatically create webhooks against these projects, which works perfectly. I am also able to manually run jobs, whereupon I can pull the code and the pipeline builds out as intended.

      The problem lies in Jenkins kicking off the build when the POST is received. For all of these repositories, watching the Jenkins logs, I see this:

      May 25, 2016 4:09:45 PM org.jenkinsci.plugins.github.webhook.subscriber.DefaultPushGHEventSubscriber onEvent
      INFO: Received POST for https://github.com/[org]/[repo]

      But afterwards, nothing happens: no build starts, no exceptions are triggered, nothing. I've read through the plugin and thought this might be a mismatched class type for the job, but I am not a pro at Java, much less Jenkins plugin syntax.

      Am I missing something here? Is there lacking support for this version?

      VERY much appreciate any help anyone can provide. I've been tearing my hair out about this for a few days.

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