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Newline characters in commit logs not parsed correctly


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    • Master (Windows 7), Slaves (Windows 7, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
      Jenkins: 2.7.1 LTS
      Subversion plugin 2.6

      I have several jobs building via subversion commit triggers.
      The commit messages contain several lines with the majority in the following format:

      Commiter Name:
      Details of change1.
      Details of change2.

      Up to Jenkins version 1.651.1 + Subversion plugin 2.5.7, the build page displayed the commit message with several lines correctly under "change history".
      After upgrading to Jenkins 1.651.3 + Subversion plugin 2.6 and now Jenkins 2.7.1 + Subversion plugin 2.6, the commit message is displayed as a single line.
      For example, the commit message above would be displayed as follows:

      Commiter Name:<br>Details of change1.<br>Details of change2.

      Checking the html page source of the build page, it looks like the newline characters in the commit message are being generated as:


      As a result, the commit message is being displayed as a single line.

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