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Checkout timeout is not honored when used with local branch parameter


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      Expectation: When I set the checkout timeout, I'm expecting that Jenkins uses it when it comes to checkout a commit.

      Problem: However, it appears that when you select the "Check out to a specific local branch", the first checkout command does not set correctly the timeout.

      Why it's a problem: I'm using git lfs, and git lfs files are downloaded during the checkout option. For other reasons I can't use the git lfs pull command. Especially during the first checkout command.

      How to reproduce it: Use any version of git-plugin and git-client-plugin. Create a freestyle project, add the following parameters: Timeout=120 for Advanced checkout option, and Checkout to a specific local branch. Build the project. The first checkout will be displayed with a timeout of 10 instead of 120.

      Here is my proposition to fix this error: https://github.com/jenkinsci/git-client-plugin/pull/214

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