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False Warnings reported when using the exclude


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      Hudson v1.320, Warnings Plugin v2.11

      I just upgraded the plugin and now we are seeing a lot Critical warnings that
      were not there before. I have it set to ignore warnings in cppunit. Upon
      investigation, it seems that it does ignore that warning, but when the GCC
      compiler tells me where the object of the warning was instantied from, the
      plugin picks this up as a warning. So now I have a ton of warnings, all just
      reporting "instantiated from here" in the details.

      warning: ‘class CppUnit::TestFixtureFactory’ has virtual functions but
      non-virtual destructor
      In instantiation of ‘CppUnit::ConcretTestFixtureFactory<TestCase_MYdvc>’:
      TestCase_MYdvc.h:67: instantiated from here

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