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Agent terminology cleanup


    • Agent terminology cleanup

      "slave" terminology was deprecated in Jenkins 2.0, but there are still occurrences in Jenkins Plugins and documentation: https://github.com/search?q=org%3Ajenkinsci+slave&type=Code. We need to clean it up. This EPIC keeps a track of missing renaming when we occasionally notice them.

      Newcomer-friendly issues

      There are many areas where anyone could help, deep Jenkins expertise is not required


      Trivial changes:

      • Jenkins Documentation (jenkins.io, plugin docs, etc.)
      • Built-in plugin documentation and Web UI
      • Localization files - "slave" equvalents in other languages
      • 3rd-party blogposts
      • Any code which is not a part of public AP or persistence modeI: private methods, local variables, comments, etc.

      Non-trivial changes which may impact compatibility:

      • Plugin Names
      • REST API endpoints
      • Symbols for JCasC/JobDSL/Pipeline
      • Class Names and API where feasible (Retaining binary compatibility may require a massive effort)
      • Library and module names
      • Plugin labels and filters
      • etc.

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