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cppunit: always use workspace as root


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      The current cppunit plugin sometimes uses the SCM module, and sometimes uses the
      workspace as the root. Although this is documented, it is unnecessarily
      confusing. It would be far better to maintain consistency both within itself and
      with the JUnit module, and always use the workspace as the root.

      If for some reason this is not possible, provide an option or method to ignore
      the module and use the workspace as root.

      In my case, the SCM checked out module is throwaway, used only to check for
      changes. The actual build is done in a different sub-directory of the workspace.
      Therefore the test results are in a different directory to what CppUnit is
      expecting and this borks the build occasionally.

      (additionally, adding cppunit as a subcomponent of bugzilla would be useful)

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