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Incorrect view path with slaves when slave os doesn't match master os.


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      We're running a setup with Hudson master on Windows with a Linux slave (ssh).
      We're using Clearcase and Maven and would like to use the built in support for
      these to get nicer output (rather than scripting it ourselves).

      Our problem is that the clearcase plugin inserts an extra (incorrect) \ in the
      view path.

      When we try to run the job on linux host sauron with view root = /view/, load
      rules=/vob/NYA_JAVA we get

      Started by user anonymous
      Building remotely on sauron
      element * CHECKEDOUT
      element * /main/version9/LATEST
      element * /main/0
      Parsing POMs
      ERROR: No such file /view/\sauron_mvn_v9/vob/NYA_JAVA/pom.xml
      Perhaps you need to specify the correct POM file path in the project configuration?
      Finished: FAILURE

      (vob/NYA_JAVA/pom.xml comes from the Maven plugin)

      As far as I can make out the problem is the use of java.io.File.separator, which
      seems to be evaluated on the master (Windows) side, while the resulting string
      is used on Linux.

      Obvious potential workarounds:

      As it seems to be used only between the view drive/root and view name, don't add
      anything if view root ends with \ or /.

      Extra advanced setting for separator.

      I can submit a patching but am unsure which solution is considered the least ugly.

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