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Use Jenkins user id instead of user name as buildUser


      Hi Naresh,


      I'm facing a (really) small issue with the plugin:

      My JIRA server and Jenkins server are sharing the same users IDs, but users IDs and display names are different ('jdoe' as ID and 'John DOE' as display name for instance).

      Is there a specific reason you used the UserIdCause.getUserName() instead of UserIdCause.getUserId() to compute the buildUser?

      Is it possible to change it? (or maybe make it configurable at least?)


      JiraStepExecution.java - ligne 136

      buildUser = ((UserIdCause) causes.get(0)).getUserId();

      Just made this small change and it worked well for me (for steps I tested: jiraAddComment, jiraNewVersion).


      Comment with Jenkins user name:

      Comment with Jenkins user ID:

      What do you think?


      P.S. Thanks a lot for this plugin by the way, it's helping me a lot 


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