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download and upload attachments are not working on slaves but just on master node


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      The below code works on master node, but not on the slave, unfortunately I couldn't catch this as I am running a local jenkins without any slaves but just a master with multiple agents.

      node {
          writeFile file: 'abc/test.txt', text: 'Test Attachment - Hello'
          def attachment = jiraUploadAttachment idOrKey: 'TEST-123', file: 'abc/test.txt', site: 'JIRA'
          def attachmentId = attachment.data[0].id.toString()
          attachment = jiraGetAttachmentInfo id: attachmentId, site: 'JIRA'
          echo attachment.data.toString()
          jiraDownloadAttachment id: attachmentId, file: "abc/test.txt", override: true, site: 'JIRA'
          def file = readFile 'abc/test.txt'
          echo file.toString()
          jiraDeleteAttachment id: attachmentId, site: 'JIRA'

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