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JIRA steps plugin requires In-process script approval


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    • Jenkins (2.107.2)
      jira-steps-plugin (1.3.1)

      After having installed Jenkins (2.107.2) on my PC with jira-steps-plugin (1.3.1), I noticed that in order to parse the response of JIRA queries (for example jiraJqlSearch), the Jenkins administrator needs to manually approve this method on the "in-process script approvals" page:

      method org.thoughtslive.jenkins.plugins.jira.api.ResponseData getData

      I even tried out one example on the official documentation and the approval is still required: https://jenkinsci.github.io/jira-steps-plugin/getting-started/examples/new_fix_version/

      It would be better if this method was part of the Jenkins default whitelist, or if the plugin installation automatically adds it
      If this cannot be done for some reason, then the official plugin documentation should mention it on the configuration section.


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