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"Replay" pipeline button/link is not (always?) available (anymore?)


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      Based on https://groups.google.com/forum/?#!msg/jenkinsci-users/fsU3BnOpGOk/9q1bBAxRCgAJ (Sorry about kind of cross-posting; and sorry for my naive guess of involved "component/s")

      Since (felt) very, very recently the "Replay" button is not shown anymore for some slightly older (pipeline) builds.

      What does it depend on?

      • It does NOT seem to be available based on (a) work day, or (jenkins log inspired suspicions) (b) jobAnalytics or (c) Workspace clean-up.
      • And also not Jenkins (master) restart dependent.

      (Maybe it always behaved like this and I have really never ever tried to replay a slightly older build. Which I strongly doubt at the moment.)

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