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setcs for dynamic views is not called from view context - include rules pointing to view directly don't work


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    • clearcase-plugin
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    • Hudson 1.339
      ClearCase plugin 1.1
      ClearCase 6

      When dynamic view is updated when build is started the setcs fails due to unresolved include rules.
      The problem is that the "setcs" command is called from workspace but should be called from view path.
      The config specs I use contain include rules that point to the VOB, not to the specific view (so that I can have same config specs for different views).
      Example config spec part:
      element /vobs/blabla/include.spec" /main/LATEST
      include /vobs/blabla/include.spec

      I can work around it by setting the exact view path (e.g. /view/viewx/vobs/blabla/...) but I would have to modify all projects and all config specs.
      It's strange that with the previous version of CC plugin it worked for most builds, I'm facing major problems with the current (1.1) version.

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