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After entering and authenticating with SSL cert, repository location isn't persisted


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      Reproduction steps:
      1) Create a new job using Subversion and set the Repository URL to a repository which requires SSL authentication
      2) See the error message under the Repository URL field:
      "Unable to access [svn repository] : svn: Unknown error (show details) (Maybe you need to enter credential?)"
      3) Click on "enter credential"
      4) Select the "HTTPS client certificate" radio button, browse to the certificate file on your local filesystem, enter its password, click OK
      5) View message "Authentication was successful. Information is stored in Hudson now." (thanks to the fix for http://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-5230, this part works correctly now)
      6) Navigate back to the job configure page for the job you just created
      7) See that "Source Code Management" is set to "None" and the repository URL you entered was not saved

      Expected results:
      After entering SSL cert and password and successfully authenticating with the svn repository, the repository URL should be saved for that job.

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