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Strip file:// from IDEA inspection file paths


    • warnings-ng 4.0.0, analysis-model-api 3.0.0

      When IDEA inspections have been generated with the -d option, which is inspecting only a certain directory, the file paths in the resulting XML files are all absolute paths prefixed with "file://".

      When these files are used to publish a report with the warnings-ng-plugin, it cannot resolve these kinds of file paths. Therefore, it cannot link the file paths to the source code.

      As a workaround the XML files can be preprocessed with sed to "fix" the file paths:

      sed -i – "s/file:\/\///g" build/phpstorm/*.xml

      The better solution would be to strip the "file://" prefix when warnings-ng-plugin is reading the inspection files and executing the "Resolving absolute file names for all issues in workspace" step.

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