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Wrong link to Ant Manual (Filesets) in several places


      In several places throughout the Hudson UI and help files, a link to the Apache Ant manual regarding Filesets is not working anymore.

      The link used to be "http://ant.apache.org/manual/CoreTypes/fileset.html", but the correct link is now "http://ant.apache.org/manual/Types/fileset.html".

      Searching through the Hudson source code for the string "CoreTypes" resulted in 78 occurrences. The (outdated) link is hardcoded in *.properties and *.html files in multiple plugins.

      This could be a simple find and replace task. An even better solution would be, to avoid hardcoding this link into the *.properties files. I'm not sure though, if this is possible with the Jelly markup.

      I could fix it myself, I just don't have commiter rights yet.

      First Hudson bug report, so please be kind.

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