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Job Config History plugin by default saves all changes in Global Build Stats plugin log, which leads to high disk usage


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    • Windows XP SP3,
      Hudson 1.364,
      Job Config History 1.4,
      Global Build Stats 0.1-alpha4

      (This report should relate to both "jobconfighistory" and "global-build-stats" components but latter doesn't exist in Jira)

      1. Global Build Stats plugin saves log into global-build-stats.xml in Hudson home directory.
      2. Job Config History plugin saves copy of global-build-stats.xml for each change in it.

      Each copy of global-build-stats.xml takes about 1-3 Mb for my Hudson setup, so after few months of using both of pointed plugins "configuration history" for global-build-stats.xml took about 7 Gb of space.

      Solution for this issue is to add "global-build-stats" into "system configuration exclude file pattern" in Job Config History configuration (http://HUDSON/configure).

      My suggestion is to do one of:
      1. Describe this issue on Global Build Stats/Job Config History plugins wiki.
      2. Store log for Global Build Stats not in .xml file.


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