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Allow packaging of multiple personas as a plugin instead of only one


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      This improvement will allow to package our own plugin with a set of personas and not only one as today.

      Plugin tree will be :

      • my_own_persona.hpi
        • BruceLee
          • persona.xml
          • success.jpg/.png/.gif
          • failure.jpg/.png/.gif
          • other.jpg/.png/.gif
          • icon.jpg/.png/.gif
        • AnotherPersona
          • ... same set of files ...

      In hudson.plugins.persona.xml.XmlPersonaFinder.find(Class<T> type, Hudson hudson) reproducing the same behaviour for "// locate personas from $HUDSON_HOME" block in "// locate personas from plugins" block and adjusting the paths seems to be ok.

        1. persona.hpi
          23 kB
        2. persona.jar
          22 kB
        3. persona.zip
          21 kB

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